Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wanderlust at its finest

   My name is Kristin and my life partner's name is David. We have this wonderfully amazing idea. It won't start for a few years and we have a few kinks to work out but it is a wonderful idea.

    It all started in July when our roommates went on vacation. Dave and I were all alone, something we didn't like very much. After all, we were living in a house with four other people. And while we were alone, we realized something. We didn't want to be there anymore. We then set into motion to move out, we started looking up apartments in far away places like Arizona, California, Oregon, all the places out west that we wanted to go to.

    Then while on the internet one day, it hit me, Dave and I always wanted to travel, and we planned on it when we get older. But this idea is so crazy and yet it feels so right. We just got out of $4,000 worth of debt, we are getting tired of where we are, and we have been eating healthy (for the most part) and saving on groceries (also for the most part). All signs point to yes. Instead of waiting for a retirement that may never come by working our lives away in a retail store for 40 years, we are leaving our lives and stuff behind by gettting a small rv and travelling west. Now this really isn't that crazy of an idea, there are plenty of people doing this already. Some people on foot.

 But, according to "The American Dream". This is crazy.

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