Friday, January 6, 2012


    Exercising has been fairly difficult. I've been going for the last two days now that I've gotten over my sick hump. I did my regular routine which includes 20 minutes of cardio, 10 ab workouts, 10 butt workouts, 10 arm workouts, and 10 leg workouts.
    So, in order to get used to cycling for long distances, I tried the cycling machines for once. Now I know that doesn't make it the same as the actual real thing, but until I get my bike this is my starting point. And I have got to tell you, my knees are not at all used to it. It was like I've never worked out that part of my body ever. It was a lot of pressure on my knees, I'm hoping the squats will help out with it too. But, it's day 2 of my workout, so I'll see how it goes from here. :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Get Fit 2012!

   Just got sick so I haven't been able to go to the gym lately. Which I absolutely hate. I have to start training my body to endure long distance bike rides. Dave has been looking on craigslist for cheaper touring road bikes to train with. I've also read online about working out other parts of my body as well. We would like to bike between 40 to 60 miles a day stopping either when we find a place interesting or if it is getting dark. A great blog  that I have been going to, has helped answer a lot of the questions I needed answering. The link for it is here, if you are interested!

We are both very excited about the potential adventure. It has been a while since we have had this fire in our hearts.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lists and Preparation!

    I've been doing more research on cycling stuff and I've developed a list for me and Dave by combining multiple websites. Take a look over it and comment on things I should consider! I need everyone's help! Oh, and things that are in bold are things that me and Dave already have.

Bike clothing

2 glasses-mount rearview mirror
SPD shoes
3 bike shorts
Light long- sleeve shirt for layering and sun protection
2 biking shirts
arm warmers
3 pr. bike socks
lightweight tights
sweater jacket
microfiber rain jacket
thermal socks
wool hat
wool cycling gloves
thermal underwear
rain gear, jacket and pants
waterproof shoe covers
2 camel packs
Back pannier x2
Handlebar bag x2

Tools & maintenance

Cannondale hex key combo
small 15/32mm wrench
8/10mm crescent wrench
small vise grips
tire irons
spoke wrench
patch kit
1 spare tire
3 tubes
cassette removal tool
chain rivet extractor
chain lube
Proofride (for leather saddle)
rain cover for saddle
clear nail polish
spare spokes (all 3 sizes)
6" of old innertube
4' duct tape (around seatpost)
cables (1 brake, 1 derailleur)
spare brake pads
spare SPD cleat screws
mini pump
Extra nuts, bolts, and wire for racks
Bicycle lights

Off-bike clothing
For Kristin
blue jean pants
black shorts
girl shirts 3(winter and summer)
going out dress
bathing suit
strapless bra
sports bra
4 pairs of panties
extra pair of glasses(incase I break one pair)
fanny pack or ankle/wrist wallet to carry money

For Dave
Blue jean pants
Cargo shorts(2)
3 shirts ( 2 t-shirts, one long sleeve
Going out shirt
Red converse
4 pairs of boxers
Bathing suit


United states road atlas
nook touch in ziploc
Watercolor paper in ziploc
watercolors in ziploc
glasses strap
extra bungee cord
various rubber bands
bike lock
toe strap for locking wheel
plastic cover for bike
pannier rain covers
strap-on extra water bottle holders

 Camping equipment

waterproof stuff sack holding:
sleeping bag
down bags ( weight less, pack smaller, useless if wet.)
camping pillow
smaller tent
ground cover
MSR Whisperlite stove
22 oz. fuel container with fuel
16 oz. pot
10 oz. mug
scrubber cloth
2 camping towels
Thermarest pad
twine, pins
emergency toilet paper
water purification tablets
variable size drain plug
emergency food (tuna, dried soup)
tea-style coffee bags
bear spray

Toiletries/1st aid

Go girl 2 pack
soap & case
razor & blades
shaving cream
nail clippers
ear plugs
birth control
small first aid kit
2 bandannas
Insect repellent
Duct tape
Chap stick

Monday, January 2, 2012

RV vs. Bicycle?

During Dave and I's usual antics of the new year, Dave bombarded me with an explosive idea. We have already talked in thorough amounts about getting the RV, doing research and even went window shopping. Also, by moving into his parent's house we have saved roughly 10k. We are well on our way to owning and starting our Class C Chevy Chassis RV. We did tons of research on different types of RVs and even went window shopping. But, in celebrating the new year, Dave's alter ego Drunk Dave came up with a brilliant and fascinating idea, instead of RVing the world what if we buy some really awesome touring bikes and bicycle across America? (On a side note, I am using 8,000 of our saved money to get a breast reduction surgery. It's a much needed surgery and I don't have any insurance. The opportunity  presented itself and we acted upon it. It only puts us 4 months back on savings.)

    Anywhoodles, there are of course pros and cons to both RVing and cycling across our great nation. But, we are both opportunist and love this idea.

RV pros:
1: We would be extremely comfortable and safe. By using an apartment on wheels, we could sleep anywhere comfortably. We would also be able to keep all our stuff with us. With me being able to continue doing artwork, keeping up with my Etsy account, and having all of my girly clothing, shoes and dresses. Dave would be able to keep all of his electronics with him, enough said. We wouldn't feel exposed and our safety would be in a higher place.
2: I could get a dog. I love dogs, and we would be able to care for one in the RV, not a bike.

RV cons:
1: Money would be extremely tight. Financing and adventure like this would be in the 40k range if we wanted to do this for a year, and we might have to get jobs along the way. Gas is a money sucker and with our 7 to 10 gas mileage machine we would be spending a lot of it. Plus you have to take into account food and lodging. Most RV resorts and national parks are very expensive and some of them would not have the hook ups we need.
2: We wouldn't be experiencing. We would fly by towns that could be an awesome experience trying to get to our next "destination". Everything would go by faster, and we wouldn't be able to really experience America first hand.

Cycling pros:
1: We completely would experience everything. We would be there in the middle of everything. Stopping at any place that seemed interesting or just cycling till we were too tired to cycle anymore. Meeting new people and seeing America first hand.
2: Financing a trip like this would be easy. Gas is our own bodies so we would be able to spend the extra money on whatever we want. We would be able to stop and eat wherever we wanted, and sleep comfortably almost every night in hotels. Not to mention all the awesome people we could meet that could help us with showers and couches to sleep on. Going this route would cost probably 25k.

Cycling cons:
1: Keeping a clean hygiene would not be so easy. Showering would be difficult if we couldn't find a place to sleep for the night and have to pinch a tent. My hair is down to the middle of my back and the longest I've ever had it. If I don't shower within a day it's almost as if I haven't showered in weeks. I would have to cut my hair short in order to maintain it. But, a plus is, I could color it too and working in retail prevents that.
2: I wouldn't be able to keep all my stuff or adopt a dog. Art would be extremely hard to do. At best, I could have some of my watercolor stuff and little to no posting on my Etsy account. Also with limited storage, I wouldn't be able to have all of my personal possessions, clothing, shoes, books, and whatnot. And Dave can't bring his electronics for the risk of them getting stolen. I also couldn't get a dog as a companion on my adventure.

    It is a lot to marinate on, but one thing is for sure. We are going on an adventure either way, and I do plan on documenting it on this blog. I welcome all comments and questions. Or any advice from people who have done this. Also if anyone would like to buy any of my artwork on Etsy (Kristin Miller Art), anything you purchase from me will go towards whatever adventure me and Dave decide to embark on.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wanderlust at its finest

   My name is Kristin and my life partner's name is David. We have this wonderfully amazing idea. It won't start for a few years and we have a few kinks to work out but it is a wonderful idea.

    It all started in July when our roommates went on vacation. Dave and I were all alone, something we didn't like very much. After all, we were living in a house with four other people. And while we were alone, we realized something. We didn't want to be there anymore. We then set into motion to move out, we started looking up apartments in far away places like Arizona, California, Oregon, all the places out west that we wanted to go to.

    Then while on the internet one day, it hit me, Dave and I always wanted to travel, and we planned on it when we get older. But this idea is so crazy and yet it feels so right. We just got out of $4,000 worth of debt, we are getting tired of where we are, and we have been eating healthy (for the most part) and saving on groceries (also for the most part). All signs point to yes. Instead of waiting for a retirement that may never come by working our lives away in a retail store for 40 years, we are leaving our lives and stuff behind by gettting a small rv and travelling west. Now this really isn't that crazy of an idea, there are plenty of people doing this already. Some people on foot.

 But, according to "The American Dream". This is crazy.